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Damaged prints 

Paper is a very fragile material and it unfortunately happens that some images suffer, whether during transport, when being dropped off at a point of sale or, much more rarely , during a delivery. Rather than let these poor prints languish in a plan cabinet, Atlantic12 decided to sell them off.

Most of this is a chipped corner, bent edge, smudged turning blank, or other cosmetic defect. But in many cases, a simple frame or the addition of a mat can hide these small imperfections.

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items
Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items

Review and comments

5 étoiles
Outstanding quality of image and service. My living room is transformed with this amazing poster of the great Master François Schuiten on the wall. Delivery was prompt. Strongly recommend
Anatole B. (Google, 2021)
5 étoiles
I was nervous about ordering prints from 3000km away, but I didn't need to be. The prints arrived quickly and are amazing in their print quality, and the packaging kept them safe. Can't wait to get them framed and on the wall.
Duane L. (Google, 2023)
5 étoiles
Excellent contact avec Adrian. Tirages magnifiques et de grande qualité. Envoi nickel. Nous sommes définitivement fans de Schuiten!
Merci 1000 fois Adrian!!
Gabriel S. (Google, 2022)